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ABI UK is the European representative of the world's recognised leader in the field of avian disease testing and DNA sexing.

Founded in 1992, Avian Biotech International has remained dedicated to providing bird keepers, breeders and enthusiasts with the world's most accurate and reliable testing along with guaranteed results and reasonable prices.

Tests are carried out using feather, blood or swab samples submitted to our office through the post, and results reported by phone or e-mail within with 5-7 working days. All results are hard-copy certificated by return of post shortly after. Results available online - please contact us to set up an account number and password.

DNA sex testing

Avian Sexing from feathers, blood or egg membrane with guaranteed results or free retest if no clear outcome from first attempt.

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Disease testing

Avian Biotech offers a comprehensive range of disease tests using direct PCR methods as well as antibody testing. Source samples can include blood, feather or swab samples. Guaranteed to be the most accurate tests you'll find anywhere.

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Equine testing

Avian Biotech offers a range of DNA-based testing services for horse breeders, ranging from coat colour testing to predict offspring potential as well as hereditary disease and relationship testing.

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